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The App that
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Proudly the 1st Social Media app that allows you turn your posts into NFTs and rewards you for your engagement.

More Than Just
A Social Media App

create anytime

Create NFTs in a single click.

Reshaping the content making industry
NFT’s are the future for creatives everywhere! Whether you’re a photographer, designer, illustrator, whoever… enter the innovative new world of virtual art! How exciting!  But we also understand that the technicalities and multiple platforms required to turn your art into an NFT can be a little overwhelming… With The Lovechain, you just need to upload a post, select “Create NFT” and you can start trading it on our NFTs marketplace. 
No gas fees, no technical skills required. Enjoy.
everyone wins

Capitalise on your creativity

You don’t need to be an influencer to commercialise your content
The days of waiting for a brand to pay you for your #OOTD posts are over. On The LoveChain, it’s as simple as sharing content and earning rewards.  We’re exchanging commercial conformity for authentic community engagement.

Privacy First

Regain Control of Your Data
Tired of having your preferences/ interests shared with advertisers and getting nothing in exchange except for annoying ads? On The LoveChain, if you choose to share your data you’ll earn $LOVR tokens, redeemable for a range of perks and discounts.  And the best part is that you can adjust your privacy preferences at any time!  Regardless of your choice, your data will be secured and protected from external attacks on the Algorand blockchain.

Meet Our Tokens

Love is the new currency.
Share & Earn
8 billion supply
  • $LOVR is our reward token.
  • Earn rewards for creating and sharing content you love.
  • $LOVR tokens for discounts with our partnered merchants*
Have a Voice
535,000,000 limited supply
  • $LOV is our governance token.
  • Trade, stake & earn cryptocurrency supported by real functionality.
  • Listing on Bitmart and other exchanges TBA.

The Lovechain

App Store Remediation

Ensuring compliance with Apple's re

Feature Updates

NFT Creation, Content Creation, Blockchain Creation

Token Presale

20th July. Details TBA

LOV Token Listing

Listing of our governance LOV token on a top tier exchange.

NFT Marketplace Design

Beta Launch

Live on Android Store

NFT Marketplace Development

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The Best Solution to Manage Your Spending

A modern approach to your spending. Intuitive software and cards designed together for the way.

The Lovechain

Trade your NFTs and swap your tokens for products and services from our affiliate merchants
Trade your NFTs
Welcome bohemians, collectors and tech-heads alike to the revolution of virtual visuals. Capitalise on your creativity and support your favourite artists by valuing and trading NFTs on prominent e-commerce exchanges.
Buy products and services
Share your interests, passions and wonderful ideas with our online community and we’ll connect you with businesses in the real world who align with your vision and are producing products and services that make a real difference in your life. Have direct access to them via our secure marketplaces.

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Our comprehensive document with everything you need to know about the Lovechain.
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