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About us.

For the majority, our lives have been changed by the development and adoption of social media applications. Such a revolution in social interaction has changed the way we relate to people throughout our personal and professional lives. As traditional social media matures, its fragmentation into unique communities will come to the fore, along with the commercial opportunities. The Lovechain is a part of that fragmentation, where we propose a unique social media offering that incorporates the theme of love into a social community as #love is the most common hashtag.

Decentralized Governance

Governed by the holders of the LOV token.

Decentralized Storage

Stored on the blockchain, owned by the user.

NFTs Creation Capability

Helping to achieve more people

Rewards for creating and sharing content.

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

Privacy and personal data control

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

Our Team

Founded in Sydney Australia, The Lovechain is brought to market by a team with diverse and complementary skill sets who have come together with a shared vision.

Omar Diab

Founder & Chief Operations Officer

“The best thing to happen to the internet since Myspace.”

Sahir Nadeem

Chief Technology Officer

“Lol, RIP Web 2.”

Mia Kaye

Chief Creative Officer

“Still trying to explain NFTs to my mum.”

Fiorella Bonfiglioli

Chief Marketing Officer

“Got stuck here while finding myself in Sydney.”

Ken Keyser

Chief Executive Officer

“Bought a Bitcoin when it was valued at $500.”

Adam Mazzaferro

Co-Founder & Legal Counsel

“Making the world a better place.”


Blockchain Advisor

“Who is John Snow?”

Kelvin Liu

Head of Product

“Apparently ‘Buy The Dip’ isn’t about hummus.”