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Lovechain Personal Information Collection Statement

Lovechain’s Commitment to you

The Lovechain Pty Ltd ACN 631 780 786 (“Lovechain”) values your privacy and recognises the importance of privacy and we are committed to protecting your personal information and data.  As an international social media platform that has a global reach, we are required to comply with various laws which provides for the fair handling of personal information and data, and sets standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information and data. 

Personal Information Collection Statement

The Lovechain collects and holds your personal information, that is, information about you such as your name, contact details, and records of our dealings with you. The Lovechain collects this information for the purpose of allowing you to have an account on the Lovechain platform and granting you access to the Lovechain website and all of the Lovechain’s products, services, features, apps, LOVR rewards tokens, technologies and software. The Lovechain will collect, store and use the personal information you have provided to us pursuant to the terms of this Collection Statement and our Privacy Policy.

Uses of your personal information                                   

Generally, the purpose for which the Lovechain collects personal information will be apparent from the way in which we collect it, or will be disclosed at the time of collection.

However, the primary purpose for which the Lovechain is collecting your personal information is to enable you to:

  • register your interest in the Lovechain website and platform;
  • establish a Lovechain account on the website and platform; and/or
  • apply for a job with the Lovechain.

You agree that the Lovechain may also use your personal information for related secondary purposes including, but not limited to:

  • if necessary, assess your application to establish a Lovechain account on the website and platform;
  • provide products and services to you;
  • provide you with news, information or advice about the Lovechain platform, our existing and new products and services;
  • verify your identity;
  • communicate with you including by email;
  • run and operate our platform as we may need your information to display content on the platform correctly;
  • improve user service as information you provide helps us respond to your user requests and support needs more efficiently.
  • personalise user experience the Lovechain may use information in the aggregate to understand how our users as a group use the services and resources provided on platform.
  • use feedback you provide to improve our products and services and the Lovechain platform generally.
  • help protect the safety of the Lovechain and its users, which includes blocking suspected spammers, addressing abuse, and enforcing our Terms of Use – General, Terms of Service – Image Content and any other of the Lovechain’s terms and conditions or policies;
  • send you technical notices, updates, security alerts, invoices and other support and administrative messages;
  • communicate with you about products, services, offers, promotions, and events, and provide other news and information the Lovechain thinks will be of interest to you;
  • monitor and analyse trends, usage, and activities in connection with our platform;
  • provide as part of business data to third parties (including our merchant partners) if you have authorised the Lovechain to do so;
  • as required or permitted by any law;
  • for any other purpose expressly specified in our Privacy Policy.

If at any time the purpose for which we are collecting your personal information is unclear, please raise your concerns with the person you are dealing with or contact the Lovechain’s Privacy Officer at [email protected]

If you do not provide the Lovechain with the personal information we ask for, or the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, then the Lovechain may not be able to provide you with access to the platform or the Lovechain products and/or services.

Disclosures of your personal information to third parties

The Lovechain may disclose your personal information to the following organisations for the purposes described above:

  • Lovechain employees, related bodies corporate, contractors or external service providers for the operation of the Lovechain platform, or the Lovechain business, fulfilling requests by you, and otherwise in connection with providing Lovechain products and services to you;
  • the Lovechain’s existing or potential merchant partners;
  • Lovechain’s existing or potential agents, business partners or joint venture entities or partners (including for clarity as part of a corporate transaction such as a merger or sale of shares or assets);
  • the Lovechain’s sponsors, or promoters of any competition that the Lovechain conducts or promotes via the Lovechain platform or through its products and/or services;
  • specific third parties authorised by you ro receive information held by the Lovechain;
  • as required or permitted by any law;
  • any other organisation as expressly covered in our Privacy Policy.

Disclosures of your personal information to overseas recipients

The Lovechain shares information globally, both internally within its related entities and businesses, and externally with our merchant partners, other partners and service providers including cloud storage providers along with those you connect and share with around the world in accordance with the Lovechain’s Privacy Policy. In order to provide you with the services you sign up for by creating a Lovechain account or visiting the Lovechain website, your personal information will be transferred to and processed in Australia, Singapore (or any other country where we, our corporate affiliates, merchant partners, agents, and service providers operate). It is not practical to list every country in which your information may be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed, but such countries may include Australia, Singapore, USA, Japan, South Korea or other countries outside of where you live for the purposes as described in the Lovechain’s Privacy Policy.

By accepting this Collection Statement, you consent to the Lovechain disclosing your personal information to overseas recipients.

The Lovechain’s Privacy Policy

Please visit the Lovechain’s Privacy Policy as it outlines how the Lovechain manages your personal information and data. It also describes generally the sorts of personal information and data held and for what purposes, and how that information is collected, held, used and disclosed.

The Lovechain Privacy Policy applies to all your dealings with the Lovechain whether browsing the Lovechain website, using the Lovechain platform, establishing a Lovechain account and any dealings with the Lovechain in writing or in person.

The Lovechain’s Privacy Policy also sets out further details regarding:

  • how you may access or correct any of your personal information collected by the Lovechain; and
  • how you may lodge a complaint with the Lovechain for a breach of our Privacy Policy or any relevant privacy laws, and how the Lovechain will action such complaint.

By dealing with the Lovechain, you consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in our Privacy Policy.

We encourage you to check our website regularly for any updates to our Privacy Policy.

If you have any queries, concerns, or other questions regarding the Lovechain’s collection of your personal information or our Privacy Policy in general, please direct your privacy related questions and feedback to the Lovechain’s General Counsel at [email protected].

Please also refer to the Lovechain’s:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use – General
  • Terms of Service – Image Content